Pirate Gnoll #1 with Dagger and Cape - Single Roleplaying Miniature for D&D or Pathfinder - 32mm Scale Resin 3D Print - Red Clay Collectibles

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Description Provided by Sculptor, Red Clay Collectibles:

The Gnoll Scoundrel is a cape wearing, dagger wielding average sized gnoll, both his daggers marked with the Eye of Yeenoghu. He prefers to hide before he lunging at enemies and taking them by surprise. He pertakes in blood offerings to Yeenoghu to keep his shadow powers strong. While one of the physically weaker members of his crew, he is not to be underestimated.

This listing includes the following items 3D printed in high quality gray resin with supports removed:

1x Pirate Gnoll Scoundrel 1 - Dagger and Cape Miniature in 32mm scale. 

Please note that this item is print-on-demand. Please see our FAQs for information on fulfillment times. 

This figure is in a 32mm scale intended for roleplaying games.

Our items are made with high quality resin; however, they are still BREAKABLE! Miniatures may feature thin elements and could be broken if mistreated. Please handle with care.


Available Discounted Add-on for this listing: 32mm plastic base (injection molded black plastic) - comes detached from model for safe shipping.

Paint Options: Our roleplaying models have the options to be primed prior to shipping with a high quality Monument Hobbies model primer. These models receive additional clean-up and then using an excellent Badger airbrush, we will apply 2 thin primer layers to cover the entirety of the model in the color of your choice. 

PRO Painting Service: I am partnered with Jason Geisbrecht (ShamWowKilla on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/shamwowkilla/) to provide no hassle professional painting commissions. I print the mini(s) and hand deliver them to him. He then paints the miniature to a high quality tabletop grade within 2-3 weeks (sometimes sooner) and ships it out to you with a prepaid label (speed that you selected at checkout) and packaging materials I provide to him. If you select this option, please provide us with an email or Facebook Messenger ID, so the painter can contact you for your requests.


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