Welcome to Gootzy Gaming

We are a professional 3D printing business specializing in miniatures, display models, and hobby products.

As a family-owned and operated small business, we are dedicated to exceptional quality and service.

Let us help you enhance your tabletop and roleplaying game experiences today!

Our Products

Intergalactic Miniatures

Sci-Fi wargaming miniatures in 1/47 scale from over 9 different designers, including Skullforge Studios and Dark Fire Designs. Perfect for games like Legion!
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Fantasy RPG Miniatures

32mm scale miniatures for your next D&D or Fantasy roleplaying game. Tons of classes, races, and NPCs available!
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Superhero Miniatures

40mm scale Superhero and Supervillians ready for a crisis! Superpower your battles today. Perfect for games like MCP.

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Capsule Critters

Catch some anime monsters in various scales with us! 32mm miniatures, statues, and more.

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Sci-Fi Monsters

Explore the wild side of the galaxy with these impressive monsters and creatures. Small to large miniatures in 1/47 scale. Perfect for games like Legion!
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Space Vehicle Kits

Create an immersive battle experience with these high quality ship and vehicle kits! These are in 1/47 scale, perfect for games like Legion!
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Bits and Bases

Sci-Fi and Fantasy RPG Bits, Bases, and Modular Kits in to convert or customize your miniatures. Invade the battlefield or your next campaign with swagger!
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Paints and Hobby Supplies

Everything you need to bring your miniatures, dioramas, and battlefields to life. Paints, tufts, tools, and more!

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Building Terrain and Props

Enhance the stories of your battles or campaign with 3D printed buildings, props, and more.

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