Our fulfilment time is dependent on customer demand. Our goal is to ship all orders within 2 weeks (unless noted in the listing like our big vehicle kits). Our average is 8 days as of May 2022.

Some orders may ship within 24 hours after order placement if we have the miniatures pre-printed and sorted into backstock, OR if it's an order that's just hobby supplies.

Large orders may take up to 4 weeks depending items ordered and number of orders in our queue.

If we need to print minis to complete the order, the soonest turnaround would be 3 days, due to the time required for our production process.

Depending on demand, we can usually accommodate "rush" orders, but these will incur an additional significant fee based on a percentage of the order total.

Please note that during the holiday season, demand may be higher than normal and the fulfilment timelines listed here may not be accurate. Please refer to the Gootzy Gaming Facebook page for our holiday outlook each season.
You will receive an email with a tracking number once we have completed your order.
We cannot remove items from an order after it has been placed.

We may be able to add items into your order if we have not already begun work on the order. Please contact us directly so payment and details can be arranged.
All sales on our website are FINAL (no returns or exchanges), as we cannot determine what has happened to minis, paints, and other hobby supplies once it's been in the customer's hands.

We only accept order cancellations in the event that a duplicate order was placed.

We review orders as they come into our queue and plan our print runs. This helps us get as many minis produced as possible in the limited hours of each day. Because of this planning and queuing process, we cannot accept order cancellations for any other reason.
We will print the minis and then "complete" your order, so you will receive a tracking number via email, but note that your order has not yet shipped.

We then hand deliver your miniatures to our partnered painter. Once he receives the miniatures, he will contact you via email to get your painting requests.

Once he has painted the minis, he uses packaging materials and the prepaid shipping label we give him to mail out your minis.

His completion time is entirely dependent on demand from our sales as well as his other private customers/commissions. It usually takes around 2 weeks after he receives the minis to complete the paint job and ship.
We accept custom orders and requests as our schedule allows. We often can only do 2-3 custom requests per month based on current demand. Please see the custom order process and pricing FAQ questions for more information.
Custom orders are billed based on labor time and materials costs.

Custom requests are handle 100% by Rob and none of our other helpers.

Rob often gives up board game night, family time, or other activities to complete your custom request, so we are unable to give any discounts on custom requests, and we reserve the right to cancel or deny a custom request at any time.

The current labor rate for Rob is $45 USD/hr. While this may seem expensive, it pales in comparison to the costs of other skilled experts such as electricians, plumbers, and others to do work for you.

Some examples for often requested custom projects are listed below for reference. Prices include labor and materials:
* Model Rescale/Resized to 28mm or other miniature scale (single or 2 piece minis only): 0.25 to 0.5 labor hour. Average price: $38 USD
* Model Resize to 6 inch Statue or Figure size: 1 -2 labor hours. Average price: $160.
* Miniature Print from MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse, or STL file elsewhere: 0.5 - 1 labor hour. Average price: $45
* Custom Sculpt + Print: $160 for outside private sculptor to 3D design the miniature, 1 labor hour for Rob to prepare, support, and print miniature. Average price: $225

Custom sculpts with the outside sculptor must be paid 100% in full prior to any work being completed. Other custom projects can be either paid in full upfront, or split 50% to start, 50% at finish with a 15% additional fee for the payment split.
Please submit the Contact Us form on the website or email us at GootzyGaming.com with the email subject "Custom Order Request - YourNameHere".

Rob will be in touch with you within 72 hours to get details as needed to quote the pricing for your project, determine a fulfilment timeline, and paypal information to send payment for the project.
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