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If you have an issue or question that requires immediate assistance, you call us at:
(814) 515-8436
Mon. - Fri. 6 pm to 11 pm Eastern time only.

If we aren’t available or you'd rather chat digitally, drop us an email at gootzygaming@gmail.

Please note that our social media inboxes are not routinely monitored due to lack of staffing. Please contact us directly so we can address your question or concern promptly!

Ordering FAQs (Updated 12/2023)

Hobby Products (Green Stuff World, Turbodork, Gamer Grass) ship in 1 to 3 business days. Our fulfilment time for 3D printed items is dependent on customer demand.

Our standard fulfilment time is up to 3 weeks. Our holiday (Nov. 1 to Jan. 15) fulfilment time is up to 5 weeks. No rush fulfilment ADDS 2 to 4 weeks onto the fulfilment time.

Some orders may ship within 24 hours after order placement if we have the miniatures pre-printed and sorted into backstock, OR if it's an order that's just hobby supplies.

Large orders may take up to 6 weeks depending items ordered and number of orders in our queue.

If we need to print minis to complete the order, the soonest turnaround would be 3 days, due to the time required for our production process.

Depending on demand, we can usually accommodate "rush" orders, but these will incur an additional significant fee based on a percentage of the order total.

Please note that during the holiday season, demand may be higher than normal and the fulfilment timelines listed here may not be accurate. Please refer to the Gootzy Gaming Facebook page for our holiday outlook each season.
You will receive an email for order confirmation and a separate email with a tracking number once we have completed your order. You can also track your order using the "Shop" Shopify app.

Unless there is an issue with your order, you likely won't hear from us besides those emails! This doesn't mean your order is not in progress or not being worked on! If you would like an update and it is close to end of the fulfilment window, feel free to contact us via methods on the "Contact Us" page.
We cannot modify an order after it has been placed. If you want to add items to an order, we can have you place a second order containing ALL the items you would like. Then we will cancel and refund the first order after the second order is placed.

This keeps your spot in the order queue instead of going to the end of the line. Please note, adding more items will add additional time needed to complete your order. Gootzy Gaming also reserves the right to not allow this courtesy order modification at any time.
All sales on our website are absolutely FINAL (no returns or exchanges), as we cannot determine what has happened to minis, paints, and other hobby supplies once it's been in the customer's hands.

We only accept order cancellations in the event that a duplicate order was placed. The orders must be identical and this is 100% at Gootzy Gaming's discretion.

We review orders as they come into our queue and plan our print runs. This helps us get as many minis produced as possible in the limited hours of each day. We also pull orders for hobby products as soon as the come in. Because of this planning and queuing process, we cannot accept order cancellations for any other reason.

If an item is damaged by the shipping courier, please message us so we can work with you to determine next steps (replacement, refund, etc.). Please do not discard any materials or items.

By placing an order at Gootzy, you agree to understanding that your order cannot be canceled, exchanged, or refunded after it is placed. You also agree that you waive any options of a credit card chargeback, and that you agree to work directly with Gootzy Gaming for action on order concerns.
We will print the minis and then "complete" your order, so you will receive a tracking number via email, but note that your order has not yet shipped.

We then hand deliver your miniatures to our partnered painter. Once he receives the miniatures, he will contact you via email to get your painting requests.

Once he has painted the minis, he uses packaging materials and the prepaid shipping label we give him to mail out your minis.

His completion time is entirely dependent on demand from our sales as well as his other private customers/commissions. It usually takes around 2 weeks after he receives the minis to complete the paint job and ship.

We are currently not accepting 3D printed custom project requests for individual customers. This includes model re-scales.

We can sometimes make modifications to bundles (ie swap out the pointing pose for one of the other gun poses), but these are approved on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed prior to placing the order.

Some laser cut items can be customized or personalized. This is normally noted on the listing. If you have questions regarding custom engraving, please contact us via email.

If you are a designer or business looking for a large project or wholesale options, please contact us via email to discuss.

Shipping FAQs

We ship all orders with tracking. You will receive a tracking number via the email you entered at checkout once the order has been completed. It may take 48 hours for the tracking number to update.

Our standard shipping is through USPS. We drop packages off at our local USPS post office daily in the late afternoon Monday through Saturday.

All minis are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes for safe shipping. We have a low break rate over 14,000 packages we've shipped over the past 4 years.

If you know your address has particular needs(like apartment complexes with central shipping rooms) or issues with certain types of packages, please contact us so we can ensure you can receive your package without issues.

At Gootzy Gaming's sole discretion, we may split an order and ship it in separate parts. We will notify you if this is the case. This usually only happens if a particular item is causing a delay.

If you order painted items and unpainted items in the same order, all items are shipped together. If you want your unpainted items faster, we recommend placing them separately from the pro painted items.

If you order 3D printed or laser cut items with hobby supplies, your orders will all be shipped together. If you need your hobby supplies faster, we recommend placing a separate order for the hobby supplies so they can be shipped out in 1-3 business days instead of waiting for the 3D printed items to be completed.
Yes, we can also ship FedEx or UPS, but additional charges need to be paid.

If you want a different shipping carrier, please contact us prior to placing your order, so we can give you the current cost of that carrier.
Please contact us via email at within 3 days of delivery for a no-cost to you (aka free) replacement.

Please attach a photo of the broken item(s), and a photo of the shipping box with your email.

If your order was over $200, we will need to submit a USPS insurance claim on your item, so please keep all packaging materials and broken items.

If you miss the 3 day window to contact us, we likely can still replace your items, but you may be responsible for the shipping cost depending on the item and current world. This is at Gootzy Gaming sole discretion.

In the case of hobby products, we will replace it if we have stock, otherwise we will offer you a discounted alternative or a full refund.

In the case of mystery boxes, misprinted / light wear products, and other unique or clearance items, we will work with you to determine a replacement.
If you packages as marked as delivered, but not actually delivered to you, please contact your local USPS office. We unfortunately don't have any additional information on where USPS may have put the package.

If your item has been in transit for more than 2 weeks, please contact us to submit a missing mail search. If USPS is unable to locate your package within 1 month of the shipment date, we will prepare and send out a replacement order at no charge.
We actually prefer to direct international orders to our Etsy store, as Etsy handles some of the international regulations and VAT implications.

If you want to buy directly instead of through Etsy, we will need to check shipping costs and other factors, so please contact us at to see if we can accomodate the order here on our website.

Also, we can't provide free replacements for lost or broken items shipped internationally. International customers will be required for any shipping costs related to replacements.

Product FAQs

We 3D print miniatures on top-of-the-line resin printers to ensure quality is as high as possible. Our miniatures are printed in a custom blend high quality, high detail gray resin with some flex additive to increase durability.

Our production process is designed to get miniatures into your hands that are clean, safe to handle, and ready to paint.

Our process is as follows:
* Prepare the 3D sculpt for the 3D printers and repair files as needed.
* Orient 3D sculpt and do custom support work to ensure minimal marks and hide them in unseen areas of the miniature when possible.
* Adjust printer settings as needed then slice the models into layers for printing.
* Save the file onto a USB and then load the file onto one of our 14 high quality printers.
* After the print is completed, models are removed from the printer and put through a 2 stage ultrasonic cleaning process designed to remove excess resin.
* After the cleaning solution has evaporated off, each model has supports removed by hand.
* After the initial support removal, rough edges and marks are filed down using a diamond-plated hand file.
* After clean-up is complete, each model is put through a curing process with high strength UV lights to ensure a quality model surface.
* After UV curing, models are allowed to rest for around 24 hours, so the chemical reactions are all complete prior to being packaged up for the order.
Our models should be "paint table ready" once then arrive to you. We do NOT recommend washing the models after your receive them. The resin can absorb water when submerged, which will decrease their durability.

If your models are still sticky upon arrival and it doesn't go away after priming the model, please contact us for a replacement.
We recommend using miniature grade acrylic paints. We do recommend at least 1 primer layer to help cover up any 3D printing marks and to help with paint adhesion.

We have some paints available here on our website that are already a great consistency for miniature painting. We also have a few other paint brands we enjoy for our paint jobs as well. Please contact us for recommendations if you need them.
Our models are UV resin based; therefore, any cyanoacrylate super glue is appropriate for assembly. Our 2 favorites are Gorilla Glue Gel and Green Stuff World Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel.

PVA glue, model weld, or plastic weld will NOT work properly and will make a mess of the miniatures. Please avoid using these types of glues on our miniatures.
We try to put on each listing the scale or size of the model. Each of our partnered 3D sculptors and designers have stylistic differences, which can impact how a model looks next to other models.

Our SW Legion products are scaled against a FFG Legion Rebel or Clone trooper to ensure accuracy.

Our D&D products are scaled against 32mm roleplaying models, which puts them around 32mm true scale or close to 28mm HEROIC scale.

We're happy to send pictures at your request of model samples measured using a digital caliper, so you can determine if our models will look absolutely amazing with models you already own.

Rescales are considered a custom order. Custom order details and pricing is explained in our Orders FAQ page.
We list the recommended primer color on each listing. Straight black matte or satin primer should be used to prepare the model surface for metallic or colorshift paints. After priming, the colorshift or metallic paints can be handbrushed or airbrushed in THIN layers. Keep adding thin layers until color saturation and spread is as desired.
In general, most of our products do NOT come with assembly instructions, but they have straightforward and simple assembly.

Some of our newer Dark Fire Designs Vehicle Kits that are more complex do come with printed instructions, and we can email you PDFs by request.
Bits and kits produced by the same designer (example helmets and bodies both from Dark Fire Designs) should all work pretty easily together without much hobby work.

Bits and kits from differing designers may work together, but we cannot guarantee they will without hobby work with greenstuff or other gap filling depending on the sculpts themselves.
We recommend either PVA glue or cyanoacrylate glue to put basing materials on the base/model. Be sure all paint is fully dried before trying to add basing decorations.

Some tufts will have self adhesive backs, which can be used without glue to put on the model. Our experience with these has been mixed, and we often still put a small amount of glue to give extra bond strength.
We try very hard to keep all of our hobby supplies and add-ons in stock; however with current supply chain issues, it is not always possible.

We recommend checking back regularly to see if a product has been restocked.