Academy Wizard Learner Miniature (Training Helm variant) - SW Legion Compatible (38-40mm tall) Multi-Piece Resin 3D Print - Black Remnant

$13.99 $11.99

This listing includes the following items 3D printed in high quality grey resin with supports removed:

1x Young Wizard Learner Miniature (training helmet variant) - comes in several pieces: body, arms. 5 variants available.

Please note that this item is print-on-demand. We may have some backstock (which ships immediately), but please be mindful that delivery dates are estimates dependent on demand for our items and our current backstock.

These miniatures are perfect for Wargaming, Table Top RPGs, or Dioramas! These figures are in SW Legion Scale (roughly 1.5 inches tall, 38-40mm), but may have differing proportions based on designer’s style and preference. Please send a message with any scale or sizing questions.

These miniatures were expertly designed and sculpted by Black Remnant. I am the authorized printer of these miniatures. Part of each sale gets paid back to the designer. 

These items are made with high quality resin; however, they are still BREAKABLE! These figures feature thin elements and could be broken if mistreated. Please handle with care.


Available Discounted Add-on for this listing: Legion Scale 27mm 3D printed base (PLA plastic) (x1) - comes detached from model for safe shipping.

Painting Service: I am partnered with Jason Geisbrecht (ShamWowKilla on Instagram, to provide no hassle professional painting commissions. I print the mini(s) and hand deliver them to him. He then paints the miniature to a high quality tabletop grade within 3-4 weeks and ships it out to you with a prepaid label (speed that you selected at checkout) and packaging materials I provide to him. If you select this option, please provide us with an email or Facebook Messenger ID, so the painter can contact you.


Disclaimer: Everything in our store is completely unofficial. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with Star Wars, Disney, Lucasarts, or Asmodee.

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