Furry Scoundrel Miniature - SW Legion Compatible (38-40mm tall) Resin 3D Print - Dark Fire Designs

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Furry Scoundrel Miniature - SW Legion Compatible (38-40mm tall) Resin 3D Print - Dark Fire Designs

Furry Scoundrel Miniature - SW Legion Compatible (38-40mm tall) Resin 3D Print - Dark Fire Designs


Furry Scoundrel Miniature - SW Legion Compatible (38-40mm tall) Resin 3D Print - Dark Fire Designs

Styles and Paint Options: Regular - Unpainted
Add 27mm 3D Printed Base?: NO base

This listing includes the following items 3D printed in high quality gray resin with all supports removed:

1x Furball Scoundrel miniature - 2 Variants available: Container holding or Regular

Please note that this item is print-on-demand. We do everything possible to meet or beat our posted fulfilment times, but please be mindful that delivery dates are only estimates dependent on demand for our items and our current backstock

The figure(s) are in SW Legion Scale (scaled by a standard 6’ human being roughly 1.5 inches tall, 38-40mm), but may have differing proportions based on designer’s style and preference. If you are using this miniature for non-Legion uses, please note that this is a tabletop miniature in a particular gaming scale.  Please send a message with any scale or sizing questions prior to purchase. No refunds will be given for confusion on the size of the miniature.

These miniatures were expertly designed and sculpted by Dark Fire Designs. I am the authorized printer of these miniatures. Part of each sale gets paid back to the designer. 

Our items are printed on the latest 8k industry leading printers with high quality house blended resin that is a mix of a gray high detail resin and flex resin to increase durability specifically for tabletop miniatures. This mix is superior to any pre-made bottled resin available on the market. After printing, all items go through a 2 stage ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure any excess resin is removed.  All modes are then hand-processed by our team to remove all supports while leaving minimal (many times no) support marks on the model. Then models are briefly cured in our own designed UV cure box to ensure they are safe to handle and ready for your painting table.

While we do use very high quality resin, these models are still resin. Please handle with care, as mishandling or accidental drops could cause pieces of the miniature to break, especially if the model features thin elements. If you are heavy handed with your miniatures, we also have a very high durability, but lower detail resin available by request only. 


Available Discounted Add-on for this listing: Legion Scale 27mm 3D printed base (PLA plastic) (x1) or a themed base printed in resin - comes detached from model for safe shipping.

Painting Service: We are partnered with full time professional miniature painter, Jason Geisbrecht, to provide no hassle professional painting commissions. We print the mini(s) and then hand deliver them to him with a prepaid shipping label. He then paints the miniature to a high quality tabletop grade within 2-4 weeks and ships it out to you. If you select this option, please provide us with an email, so the painter can contact you. You will receive a shipping notice when we hand off the miniature to the painter since we purchase the label through Etsy, but please note Jason will inform you directly when it will ship based on his current work queue. Please note that this painting time is separate from our listed estimated fulfilment time .


Disclaimer: Everything in our store is completely unofficial. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with Star Wars, Disney, Lucasarts, or Asmodee.

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